This role involves the offering of the bread and wine at the Eucharist during Mass.  To volunteer for this role, either contact the Parish online or, after a Mass, visit the narthex (which is the area of the entrance of the Church closest to Midland Hwy) and sign yourself up on the form.


Altar servers are absolutely vital to a smoothly functioning Mass.  We can always use for new additions to our group of altar servers.  An altar server's role is to assist the priest during Mass through partaking in tasks including ringing the bell, bearing the cross during the entrance procession, assisting with offertory gifts, and holding relevant texts for the priest.


Our Parish could always use for a larger selection of readers to recite First and Second Readings, or responsorial Psalms to those attending Mass.  We encourage young people to give this a try because it is a way of further involving yourself in the Mass and improving your public speaking skills, to an audience who will be free of judgement (we are there to worship Christ after all!).  If you wish to volunteer for reading at Mass, follow the procedure for volunteering for the offertory (go to the narthex and sign up or contact the Parish).


St. Mary's Church would love new additions to our choir or musical setup.  If you fancy yourself as a musician (especially if you're a gifted organ or piano player) and are capable of playing the songs of the day at Mass, contact the Parish in order to get in touch with the music team!


Of course, if you'd rather remain in the pews (seats) for Mass, you're most welcome to be considered a parishioner.  That is, a member of the Parish.  There is no induction ceremony for you to be a parishioner or anything of that nature, you really are a parishioner when you consider yourself to be.  One generally considers themselves a parishioner if they go to church regularly.  However, going to church isn't the only thing a parishioner can do!  A parishioner can become even more active in our Parish by volunteering for charities like St. Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies) or helping out with Stronger Youth.  Parishioners are also the ones who do the readings, offertory, altar serving, and music at Mass!  Another important task parishioners can engage in is to suggest improvements to the Parish.  Our young parishioners can really help shape the future of the church.

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