St. Mary's is privileged to be able to offer a visitation service to elderly people in our community.  A small group of dedicated and charitable parishioners regularly provide comfort and counsel, as well as enjoyable activities, to residents of aged care facilities across the Mooroopna and Shepparton area.

The seemingly simple act of providing a conversation, and some company, to elderly members of the community who do not often get a chance to socialise with others can completely rearrange one's mental state to that of positivity ​and optimism.  The visitation group does a fantastic job of giving elderly members of the community a channel of communication and activity that they would otherwise not receive.  From one-to-one phone calls, physical visits and even novelty fashion parades, the visitation group of St. Mary's Parish is an excellent provider of welfare services to the elderly in our community.

For more information contact the Parish 

St. Mary's Church

2 Toolamba Rd, Mooroopna VIC 3629

Phone: (03) 5825 2034

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