Our Priest

Mons. Peter Jeffrey

Monsignor Peter Jeffrey is St. Mary's beloved Priest.  Often simply referred to as "Mons" or "The Mons", Monsignor Peter is a much adored and revered member of not just the Parish but the breadth of the community.  Mons approaches the responsibility of the Priesthood with indescribable awe and humility for the workings of Christ and the Church, and never fails to fulfil the task of serving the Lord.  His homilies are, to plainly put it, a privilege to all those whom attend St. Mary's because the way in which he conveys the teachings of the Church are so distinct from many other priests.  The elegance in which current world situations, relevant experiences and moral truths can be intertwined with the writings of Scripture is something that can be experienced through attending and reflecting on Monsignor's homilies.  Our Parish is frankly blessed to have a Priest who is wholly involved in organisations outside of the Church and so devoted to our Parish.  If you ever seek answers or advice on spiritual matters, as well as general lifestyle challenges, Monsignor Peter frequently proves to be one of the best figures to consult.  He truly is a kind man with a loving heart!

St. Mary's Church

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