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Pentecost Homily: The Importance of the Holy Spirit

After the period of isolation, the restrictions are being ‘lifted’ - gradually. A question worth asking is “What have we learnt from the recent experience?

For many – it has been a quiet time, an opportunity to slow down, to reflect. It has been an opportunity to savour the joys of family life. Because of the hustle and bustle of life we often miss out on so much of life.

Pope Francis exhorted us to use this time of the pandemic to “rediscover the importance of small acts of kindness and affection, sometimes compassion e.g. a hot meal, a hug, a phone call. These opportunities often go unnoticed in daily life. We may be rediscovering that these small things can make life more meaningful. They create communion and communication among us”.

This beautiful feast of Pentecost celebrates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Mary and the apostles. The same Spirit dwells within us through our Baptism. The gifts have been increased and strengthened in us through our reception of the sacrament of confirmation.

I want to stress two words that can help us appreciate this Feast of Pentecost – Communion and Communication. The Spirit dwells within us. Danger is we let the Spirit be dormant in us. However, we are living temples of the Holy Spirit. That communing with the Spirit becomes visible in the quality of our living and hopefully in our interactions with one another.

We see in the readings today, that when the apostles received the presence and gifts of the Holy Spirit they became missionary disciples. This prompts each of us to ask how the Spirit shines through me in the circumstances of my own life.

On this Feast of Pentecost, we pray that the Spirit’s presence within us may be a source of comfort to us in times of need or sickness. When we go forth from this Pentecost Mass, may the Spirit shine in us. May it be apparent not only in our relationships at home, but also in our interactions with others outside home.

I finish with the words of the hymn:

Come Holy Spirit - Be here with Your Presence

Fill me with Your Presence –Live inside me.

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