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Mons' Musings Vol. 2: Jean Vanier

By Mons. Peter Jeffrey:


                              I want to tell you about a man who has been a great inspiration to me.  His name is Jean Vanier.  Nearly sixty  years ago he founded a new kind of Christian community.   It welcomes people with severe intellectual difficulties in a shared life of freedom and mutual respect.   Soon after he began this special work, the Second Vatican Council released its vision of a Church which would put society’s weakest and most marginalised members at its heart.

               Since then Vanier’s “L’Arche” communities have become a world-renowned symbol of compassion and HOPE.   The members of each small community are drawn from different faiths and/or none.  They are often multi- racial.  When you think about it, these little communities are so counter-cultural in a world that continues to value success (especially financial) and power often sadly at the expense of the poor and powerless.

               As a philosopher and as a deeply committed disciple of Jesus, Vanier is a prolific writer.  In my brief reflections for our ‘blog’ I will be inspired by what  this amazing man says about the “Signs of the Times”.   He has his finger on the pulse!  I hope he will whet your appetite for more of his gems!  

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