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Homily: Seek the grace to grow in the inner freedom

By Monsignor Peter Jeffrey:

During the week, the Parish received a letter of sincere thanks for the offering of $424.55 that we gave to the appeal for help for the Church in Lebanon. There is much suffering after the explosion last year that crippled the City - taking lives and livelihood.

During this Lenten season, we seek the grace to grow in the inner freedom that will enable us to be more conscious of the both the joys and the struggles of others. That begins, of course, with those closest to us – in our own homes and neighbourhood. We want to savour our own moments of joy and so become strengthened for our times of anxiety and/or struggles.

In the Scriptures, mountains are often the places where people encounter God in a special way. This is precisely what happened for Peter, James and John when Jesus took them up Mount Tabor. However, the moment of graced insight passed. They come down from the mountain and life is back to normal.

As we continue our journey through Lent, the narrative of the Transfiguration may help us to remember those ‘graced moments’ when we encountered God in a special way – eg the voice of God telling us to listen to Jesus. Like the chosen ones on Tabor, we cannot always live in the glow of what we might call ‘mountain top experiences’. However, when life gets tough - perhaps even messy - with many things claiming our attention we can recall those times that were ‘graced’ with a sense of God’s presence with us.

If we are to be aware of those special moments in our own lives, we need to be ready to listen to the subtle promptings of the Spirit in our daily living.

In this Eucharist, we can ask that the Spirit may guide us in the joys and struggles of our daily grind. They are all part of our Lenten journey.

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