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Homily - Pandemic Musings

The seniors amongst us will remember the former Prime Minister – Malcolm Fraser. One of his best known phrases is “Life isn’t meant to be easy”. Fraser was actually quoting from the playwright George Bernard Shaw. It seems to me, he was ‘spot on’ – especially in this time of ‘lockdown’.

We have all had to adjust to the new situation. With the change of routine in our daily programmes, it may help to ask ourselves if we are finding a little more time for quiet reflection and personal prayer. When I say ‘personal prayer’ I mean not only prayer for ourselves but for those we love and those who need our prayer at this time. Many, we know, are in tough situations with loss of income and lack of job opportunities.

Back to today’s Gospel, it took time for the apostles to learn that Jesus is not going to be the kind of Messiah they imagined Him to be – a great political and military leader who would free them from the Roman oppressors. No – His identity as the Promised One is through love, forgiveness, healing and peace! It is so comforting for each of us (whatever our circumstances) to realize that Jesus accomplished His Father’s plan by reaching out to the needy and the marginalized. Each of us can say “He loves me and gave Himself for me”.

Furthermore, we can say “Jesus is my companion at every stage of life’s journey. My destiny is eventually to be with Him in the Kingdom of Heaven."

Discipleship or the following of Jesus is not always easy.God will take us on paths that we sometimes would rather not follow. However, it is perhaps especially in those times that we need to remind ourselves that we are never alone. The unexpected crosses that come our way are sometimes quite heavy. It is precisely at those times that we need to tune in to our personal relationship with Christ.The Eucharist reminds us that we are never alone.

Jesus is, at every stage of our life’s journey, our best friend on the daily pilgrimage of life.

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