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Homily: Divine love is the source and the model of all our human loving

By Monsignor Peter Jeffrey:

Pope Francis has announced the establishment of a World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly, as a reminder of the important role they play as a link between the generations.

The Pope said grandparents remind us that old age is a gift, and that grandparents are the link between the generations, passing on the experience of life and faith to the young.

We all remember our grandparents – we learn in our relationship with them to ‘be loved’ and ‘to love’. Of course, Divine love is the source and the model of all our human loving.

As we pray this Mass let us think of all those from whom we have experienced human love – family and friends. If we have never let God love us in the deep and subtle ways in which God does, we will not know how to love another human being in the deepest ways of which we are capable.

We are approaching Holy Week and as journey with Jesus to Calvary, we will gaze on the Crucified One raised on the tree of the Cross. Divine love is, of course, the model of human loving. However, if we have never experienced human love – to the point of sacrifice and forgiveness and generosity – it will be very hard for us to access and imagine or even experience God’s kind of love.

As we continue to pray our Mass, think of all who have loved us without seeking any reward. Mass is always a celebration of Love – God’s love for us and our love for God.

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