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Good Friday Message - Monsignor Peter Jeffrey

On Good Friday we ponder the significance of the Cross on which hung the saviour of the world.

Today there is no Eucharistic Prayer but a profoundly significant Liturgy of the Word followed by Communion. Before Holy Communion, there is an ancient form of the Prayers of the Faithful. As you join in these prayers, you will see that the intentions are far-reaching. This is because we realize that what happened on Calvary was an offering for all times and all places.

The Gospel reading is the longest reading in the liturgical year – it is the account of the Passion in John. Jesus is called by the mocking crowd ‘King’ and is crucified as such with the inscription “Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews”. Jesus claims however that His Kingdom is not of this world.

There is no room for violence – Peter instructed by Jesus puts away his sword. Instead, He goes to Golgotha to His crucifixion as the ‘Lamb of God’ at the very time lambs were being slaughtered for the family Passover meal later that evening.

Notice during the trial and passion Jesus does not fight back. His focus is on His Father. He is secure in His identity and faithful to His mission. It would be good to spend some time gazing at the Crucifix in your homes to let it touch not only your mind but especially your heart.

How challenging all this is for us when we think of many injustices and oppressions that are rampant in our world today. The Passion of Christ continues in our world today. On this day that we call ‘Good’, we humbly make intercessions for the poor and oppressed in our world today. We pray that violence will never have the last word.

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