About Us

St Mary's is a Roman Catholic Church situated in the regional Victorian town of Mooroopna and shares the same name as its neighbouring primary school.  The church is draped in a twentieth century style architecture and is home to a lively Parish whom all share a strong passion for the core Catholic message in which Christ originally delivered.  St Mary's Priest is Monsignor Peter Jeffrey, a reputable individual who yearns the integration of Jesus' teachings into the lives of all in order to mend the world step-by-step through unity, kindness, and charity.  Monsignor Peter is a well respected Priest whose gracious character is reflected on to the Parish and its surrounds.  Our Parish community is frequently searching for new volunteers and comprises some of the most vital figures within the local charity/volunteer community.  St Mary's parishioners are always brightened by the addition of a new member in the various Parish groups that our church relies on.

View from the pews